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Lancecape Ft. Korry Deez – NAPALM (Dir. by Chris AK for Black Iron Giants)


Lancecape Ft. Korry Deez
Cuts Provided By G-Spot

Lancecape is no stranger when it comes to beats and has steadily been perfecting his production skills for roughly 15 years. Having produced bangers for the likes of Frank N Dank, Rapper Big Pooh, Keith Murray, AG and Canibus he has gained ground in the global beat circuit. Being in Detroit’s Red Bull ‘Big Tune’ beat battle Lancecape was able to grab the crowds respect, finish as a semifinalist and rub shoulders with hip hop heavyweights Black Milk, Jake One, Oh No and Alchemist.

 For his first single, Lancecape is releasing a bass heavy tune called ‘Napalm’ accented with grungy guitar chops and his signature dirty drums. It features fellow Monolith member, Korry Deez, who is 1/3 of the Juno nominated and BET ‘Rated Next’ hip hop group Irs. He might be best known for his deadly verse on Kardinal’s ‘Ol’ Time Killin’ that had a video directed by Mr. X which received heavy BET and international rotation. Deez is known for touring with Kardinal, GODSMACK, Declaime, Jully Black and numerous others.

Lancecape is now finally ready to release his debut album ‘Always Fresh’ on January 8, 2013 with indy lo-fi label Future Science. They appreciate all the support and hope that you will watch, download, share, listen and most of all… ENJOY!

‘Napalm’ DJ Pack Link –



Lancecape Hunt
Korry Downey
Chris Ak
Snafu Seventy Six (G-Spot)
9Planets and Future Science


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[Video] Adam Bomb – Wait Until I’m There (Prod. by Lyve) (Dir. by Bigg Sproxx)

Adam Bomb

Money talks but how much can a penny say?

Adam Bomb aka “The Legend” is back with the hard hitting single
Wait Until I’m There” produced by Lyve ft Dj Riccachet of Sweet Touch Foundation on the cuts.

Directed & edited by Big Sproxx for Proletarian Music/ Freedom Writers Music.


Features and

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[Video + DJ Pack] Big Troopz, Mazaman, & J-Hood – This Is The Bullshit



DJ Pack available @

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TopLeft Recordings Presents… Fish Grease (Def Squad) – Deep Fried Crispness (Mixed by DJ Law)

Deep Fried Crispness (Front)

Deep Fried Crispness (Back)

TopLeft Recordings presents ‘Deep Fried Crispness‘. This mixtape consists of
13 tracks from DEF SQUAD member FISH GREASE, it’s mixed by DJ Law, with production 
from Beat Midas, Central Parks, DJ.Hellfire, Es-K, DJ.Phamtom, Dope Dee, MIDAZ, & Criso.
1. Fish Grease – Breathtaking (Prod. by Beat Midas)
2. Fish Grease – Here We Go (Prod. by Central Parks)
3. Fish Grease – Knock Em Out The Box (Prod. by DJ Hellfire)
4. Fish Grease – All Night (Prod. by Es-K)
5. Fish Grease – Hey Big Girl (Prod. by DJ Phantom)
6. Fish Grease – Take me Away (Prod. by DJ Phantom)
7. Fish Grease – Smooth ft. DJ Iron (Prod. by Dope Dee)
8. Fish Grease – Runs In The Family ft. DJ Grazzhoppa (Prod. by Es-K)
9. Fish Grease – Everyting Changes (Prod. by Midaz)
10. Fish Grease – Laugh at Y’All (Prod. by Es-K)
11. Fish Grease – Holla At Your Frogg (Prod. by Central Parks)
12. Fish Grease – Can’t Touch It (Prod. by Dope Dee & Criso)
13. Fish Grease – I Don’t Give a Fuck (Prod. by Beat Midas)
Mixed by DJ Law
Individual tracks
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[Video] Fenaxiz – The Real Toronto (Directed by The CanonBoyz) + Vintage Album


Regular Explicit:
Radio-Friendly Edit:

Calling upon a lifetime of experience, Toronto rapper FenaxiZ vividly depicts his hometown with a candid honesty. While some glorify the violence that plagues the city and others hail Toronto as a tourist-friendly destination, FenaxiZ instead offers a metropolis of “students, hustlers, everyday citizens, hard-working immigrants tryna earn dividends” as he guides his audience through areas such as Kensington Market, the Financial district, St. Jamestown, and Rosedale. He finally concludes after seeing “the good, the bad, the beauty, the ugly,” that “it is what it is and this the real Toronto.”

The Real Toronto” is produced by AmiR and is the sixth single/video off “Vintage,” the first full-length album by FenaxiZ.

Directed & Edited by The Canonboyz (

For more information on FenaxiZ, visit:

For booking information, guest appearances, collaborations, and other inquiries, please contact

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Chris ‘Puzzle’ Green – Leftovers [Triple DJ Pack – You’ll Know Me, Listen Boy, Put It In The Air]

Puzzle Leaftovers

Download Link:

In this video Chris “Puzzle” Green and The Quarter Inch Kings give you a sample of each of three songs (You’ll Know Me, Listen Boy, Put It In The Air) found in the triple dj pack we titled Leftovers. These songs are “leftovers” from Chris’s The Puzzle EP that never made the project. We just decided to share em and each song’s dj pack includes the Street, Clean, Instrumental, and Acapella version. The production stays consistent with that classic boom bap sound that every true hip hop head knows and appreciates, and married with clever lyrics and punch lines to keep your ears glued to the speaker. Shout out to Big Sproxx who shot and directed the video, also a big shout out to Bambo Slice of for the graphics.

Booking inquires:
Beat inquires:
Video Inquires:

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Dre Specz – No Chaser Mixtape


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MC FÜBB – the Poet EP

Toronto hip hop artist MC FÜBB began writing poetry at the age of nine, years before he ever picked up the microphone. His latest release, the poet EP, is a thematic return to his roots as a poet. Throughout the album, FÜBB struggles to reconcile himself as both a poet and a rapper, painting verbal images and evoking strong emotions while staying true to himself as a hip hop emcee. the poet is an honest look into the psyche of a hip hop artist and more fundamentally a human being as he tries to find his way in the world.

The poet EP is the third official solo non-mixtape album released by Toronto hip hop artist MC FÜBB since 2009. The EP features production by Junia-T, Fresh Kils, MMAC, Justunlimited, Noyz, Bix, and NTG and has guest artist appearances by Wordsworth, Relic, Mike Devine, J Shiltz, Bad Newz, DJ Docta, and DJ Uncle Fester.
Listen to/download the album here
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[Mixtape] Citizen Kane – Scartown Unreleased Classics (Mixed by DJ Law)

Scartown Unreleased Classics” is a collection of songs we recorded from the years 2001 to 2005 which was never released. At that time when Citizen Kane was on the verge on making a major impact in the underground Hip Hop community world wide, but we were confronted with obstacles from the music industry that believed we were a little to “Street” and not friendly enough for Canadian radio. Refusing to follow the commercial sound that was becoming more popular at the time, we recorded melodic tracks with hard but poetic lyrics staying true the griddy style of music that made Citizen Kane unique. There is two albums worth of material in this album which is mixed by D.J. Law and appearances from Peep Sho, Califaith, Stitch 7 and many more artists we were working with at the time. The production is from Big Sproxx, Down to Earth, Product, Dungenetics and Lost Info. There are also tracks that include R.P. who left the group at that time for personal reasons never to return putting the music on hold for a good time. If ya love Hip Hop in its purest and realest form, you will love this album. It is a piece of Canadian music history from a group that laid the foundation for Canadian Hip Hop today. This is the album they never wanted you to hear. – Citizen kane

Mixed by DJ Law

Single Mp3’s

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Peep Sho – Take Over The Town


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